Saturday, 9 August 2008

Why I Have Set Up Ant-Landmark 2

Doing Landmark Forums and advanced courses has fallout. Members change their lives dramatically, often destructively to those close to them.

Weber says everything is peeled away until there is nothing. Therefore there is no truth but only multiple interpretations, an infinite array of possibilities. Life can be constructed anew. History is bunk.

If this is so and you don't like something, get rid of it. We know anecdotally that members have divorced, quit jobs, left families, and more after doing Landmark courses. They are on a high where anything is possible. We also know that oftentimes they come down and wonder what the hell they've done with their lives.

They've been brainwashed. And they are left bereft.

I have an interest because my wife decided that her possibility was to divorce me because she had not been honest with me in our relationship. I have to live with aftershock. I still am.


GuruTruth said...

An academic study (ironically commissioned by Werner Erhard and Associates for $88,000) concluded that participants in "The Forum" felt short term increases in ego, but there were no significant long-term positive lasting effects. So your post about the short feeling of a "high" is probably pretty accurate in that regard. The psychology study was published in a book: Evaluating a Large Group Awareness Training. -- GuruTruth

Anonymous said...

I am looking at your site for the same reason. Firstly, let me say my condolences for your loss. I recently lost a girlfriend I really cared about to landmark, and I am accepting the mission to go after them to the death. (sounds extreme, but I'm a scorpio, we don't do subtle) I will do all that I am able to do to warn friends and family, and help bring down this monstrosity they've constructed to suck in our loved ones. Your cause is my own, best of luck to us both.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I took the Landmark Forum two months ago, and have had tremendous breakthroughs in many aspects of my life. At first, I was ashamed to admit how something could "break me," or transform me. Really! It sounds crazy, but oh well. This isn't the movies.

I wouldn't say I've been "broken" though.

I've been living a happier and more fulfilling life after the forum.

I won't credit the forum for all of the changes I made in my life since then, but it did start there.

I didn't divorce my husband or abandoned my responsibilities. On the other hand, I have so much more fun with him and experience joy in my life - more than I did before. I can say I am a better co-worker, sister, daughter and my possibilities don't stop there.

The Landmarks marketing techniques can be pushy, but we all have the choice to draw a line and say 'no' if we want to.

The Landmark forum hasn't stripped me of who I am or "peeled" me from who I am. It only made me see that I am responsible for the choices I make. If I choose to be happy, I have to make every effort to be happy. If I want to be healthy, I gotta strive for that, if I want to make more money, I gotta figure out how I will do that. It's up to me.

Many don't like that part. They go to the forum expecting to get all the answers to their problems. It doesn't work that way.

At the end of the day, the Landmark Forum is very common-sense, but it's stuff we don't want to hear. RESPONSIBILITY. INTEGRITY. ACTION.

I'm sorry you all experienced a loss through of loved ones leaving you because they attended a 3 day forum. If that was all it took, what does that say about you?

Rather than dedicating your time to this blog to bash the forum, why don't you ask yourself why your wife left you, how you can be more productive with your time, how you can truly live a life of love and happiness?

Anonymous said...

Ahh,what an experience! but tell me something do you need a course to tell you all this?the pushy thing which you are talking about is really PUSHY..for my husband who is an ardent follower of landmark the solution to everyone's life is landmark.its so difficult to talk to him these days...i just cannot share anything about my family,friends...if i tell him my friend is undergoing operation,he will quickly add there is something in her life which is bothering her and i will take her to landmark,if i tell him so and so is looking for a job,go to landmark is his suggestion.and if you don't listen to him he will not help you.all my friends,relatives and his collegues are not sharing anything about their lives with him.if someone has not benefitted by doing this,then he says he has not attended the forum in action series that's why...what rubbish.he talks like a parrot..whatever is told to him he has imbibed it into his in-laws have done it too..then why during my marriage dowery was demanded and when it was not upto their expectation,we were thrown out of house and till date ourrelations are strained.i think a person who has not done landmark is in a better position to think and handle the situation.landmark makes people lie,pretend what they are not,manipulate by telling them what they actually don't want to do.i think you were not taught the meaning of words RESPONSIBILITY,INTEGRITY,ACTION,in your life by anyone but not all are so unfortunate.we all have our elders friends family teachers around us who are our role models and from them we constantly learn.they dont charge us also.always we r told to sort out family matters together and not by shouting in front of 400 odd people.and then you call your wife to say you love her?

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend left me after attending a Landmark-like LGAT and its more advanced follow-up (at the behest of her boss). It was called "TruePoint" and "ThePoint" and its guru is Stephen Norval.

I tried it out and walked out after 2 days, because I found it manipulative. She then started applying the LGAT pseudo-psychology on me and concluded that I was "too negative", "narcissistic" and broke up with me. I really loved her. Still do.

I wish I'd researched it first. If I knew it was like Landmark I would never have attended.

Anonymous said...

> I'm sorry you all experienced a loss through of loved
> ones leaving you because they attended a 3 day forum.
> If that was all it took, what does that say about you?

Bravo... well done "anonymous 16 October 2012 at 01:25" your Landmark handlers would be proud of you. Way to passively aggressively attack the person for posting an opinion contrary to yours!

Anonymous said...

^ Glad you caught that Anonymous 20 NOVEMBER 2015 AT 14:54.

And to respond to it, it says nothing about him but that didn't stop "Anonymous 16 October" from trying to assign meaning where there is none. How ironic, as that goes against Landmark's core preachings.

Hey Anonymous 16 October 2012 - looks like you should ask for a refund. You're trying to assign meaning where there is none, so stop trying to assign meaning where there is none.