Saturday, 9 August 2008

Some Really Praise Landmark

It's clear people do get something out of Landmark courses, so maybe it's not all bad?

Here's one example of a positive experience from Carrie & Danielle:

Five Ways Landmark Education Impacted My Life

  1. Landmark Means Leaving your Past Behind

    Before Landmark Education I experienced the world based on my past experiences, many of which I considered disappointing. After Landmark Education I create my life based on what is possible - versus my past. This was was revolutionary for me. I remember sitting in my chair and feeling years of criticism and judgment drop away. That little voice in my head saying I was worth less than my twin sister…I let that go. I was moved, touched and inspired to create my life. My past did not define me.

  2. Landmark and Confident Communication

    I learned to communicate more clearly and powerfully. I gained confidence in expressing my concerns and I am more comfortable resolving issues personally and in business. Sometimes I feel nervous but I don’t let fear stop me. I would rather live in a few moments of discomfort in order to create a greater ease and momentum.

  3. What is Your Story? Victim or Victorious?

    There is a difference between fact and “story.” What do you receive from constantly complaining about something? We get to be right and make someone else wrong. As long as we can blame someone else for our disconnected relationships, shitty jobs and weight issues we don’t take responsibility. This was monumental for me, I realized how much drama I had attached to my stories and although some were truly traumatic, I left the Landmark Forum without a heavy story weighing me down. I was committed to leading a more authentic life.

  4. Your Word Is Your Wand

    Be accountable to my word, for the sake of honouring myself - not out of fear of criticism, or looking bad, or disappointing my father. Doing what you say you’re going to do is a way off self respect, and you learn that you can depend on yourself.

  5. What Is, Is.

    Complaining about the weather is futile. The weather just is.


GuruTruth said...

Sometimes one has got to wonder after reading these types of posts just how "authentic" they really are, or if there could maybe possibly be something else going on with all these hagiographic blog posts. -- GuruTruth

Anonymous said...

I attended Landmark a few months ago. It was a very positive experience for me, for many of the same reasons listed above.

I think that it is absurd to call landmark a cult. It is relatively inexpensive (compared to other similar self awareness seminars) and in the end, you go home to your family! Sure, it is a bit sales-y. But if you do your research, the organization is doing a lot of great work around the world for free.

If you have ever read any of Don Miguel Ruiz's books (based on ancient Toltec teachings), you will find much of the same philosophy that landmark teaches. Many Zen buddhism teachings have correlations to landmark as well. Release yourself from your past to clear space for your future. Take responsibility for your life, and for the change you wish to see in the world.

People can take anything and misconstrue what they learn. Imagine if we judged the effectiveness of 12 step programs by the actions of participants?

Anonymous said...

"People can take anything and misconstrue what they learn. Imagine if we judged the effectiveness of 12 step programs by the actions of participants? "

Ironic example, since the actions of participants is EXACTLY how you should judge the effectiveness of a program, and the 12 steps were developed by a known con-man and is another well-exposed cult. I mean, if you don't judge a sobriety program by the number of participants who achieve sobriety, then how exactly do you judge it?

NICE said...

Landmark helped me to save my life. By helping me to see that my past was constantly running my day and my life. Being made aware of how much I dwell on what might happen in the next minute, hour, year, or any time in the future. Helped me to accept and let go off my past. To realize I can't change the past and don't have any control over the future. I was either making myself depressed by dwelling on my past or giving me anxiety. By worrying about my future. Both emotions cause the body to release hormones, like Oxytocin, that can harm the body, cause disease, illness, or death. Freeing myself of my past and worries regarding the future helped me to to heal and recover from a trauma. In the 7 years it took my body to heal and recover. From the damage done to my brain, every organ in my body, the majority of my boness that were smashed, broken, or fractured, and over 100 operations to repair, remove, and replace them. My body didn't heal completely. Until 2-3 months after the forum. When my mind was cleared of all my junk at the Forum. Allowing my body to heal. Landmark can benefit anyone for anything they want to do for themself or their life. All you need is an open mind and to listen.