Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Skeptic's Dictionary

The Skeptic's Dictionary has quite a good post on Landmark. It's trying to be fair and balanced.

While it discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the Forum and other courses, and the money they cost, it leaves one area very grey.

The effects of Landmark are often described by acolytes as immediate and profound. That's probably so for those susceptible to this kind of persuasion. What we hardly ever hear about is the long term effects.

Does Landmark's Forum have any long term effects--either positive or negative? Are the only ways to get longer term effects by taking more and more expensive courses?

Of course Landmark itself has never researched this nor will it. The evidence would probably be too ambiguous. Punters aren't going to pay money unless they have certainty.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Thank you for an excellent blog. I was going to begin an attack on LGATs — specifically the Landmark Forum and a clone: Asiaworks Training — to warn the unsuspecting on the dangers and pitfalls of embarking on this nonsense.

Your blog is an excellent resource and I have put a link on my blog.

Well done!

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog.
But please rewrite the "fair and balanced" part. It insinuates a FOX News interest, and whether you agree or disagree with that network, it is polarizing and can dissuade the reader from your message.
Keep up the great work!